On the twelfth day of STEMmas… Dr Serena Danti

Our twelfth and final notable woman in STEM is Dr Serena Danti, who has worked on 3D printing new ear drums.

Serena has worked on “developing biomimetic tissue-engineered substitutes, using fabrication techniques acting at different scale levels to overcome the drawbacks of current prostheses, such as extrusion or suboptimal performance”. She also worked on research testing two different techniques to create copolymer scaffolds, similar in size to natural eardrums and “designed to host cellular growth”.

On the eleventh day of STEMmas… Amaya Lopez-Carromero

Our eleventh exceptional woman in  STEM is Amaya Lopez-Carromero, who the studies the acoustics of brass instruments.

Amaya started her academic career in civil engineering, before taking a master’s in environmental and building acoustics. Also a musician, her research examines the “sound production process” in brass instruments, developing models that she then tests experimentally. In particular, she is focused on understanding “non-linear phenomena such as wave steepening in the resonator, acoustically relevant effects taking place in playing gestures, as well as some lip reed behaviours.”

Tips and advice for online job interviews

How can you prepare for online video interviews with STEM recruiters?

Dr Amanda Barnes, Employability Manager and cell biology researcher at the University of York, gives tips and advice on how to make a good impression during an online careers fair video interview.


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On the ninth day of STEMmas… Merritt Moore

Our ninth noteworthy woman in STEM is Merritt Moore, quantum physicist and professional ballet dancer.

Merritt is studying for a PhD in quantum optics, specifically the quantum entanglement of large numbers of photons. She has danced as a member of the Zurich Ballet, Boston Ballet, English National Ballet and London Contemporary Ballet Theatre, and recently starred on BBC’s Astronauts: Do You Have What It Takes?

Twitter: @PhysicsonPointe