Ada Lovelace Day Live! Featuring the WES Karen Burt Award

It is with great pleasure that this year, Ada Lovelace Day Live! teams up with the Women’s Engineering Society’s Karen Burt Award to bring you an evening of fun, inspiration and robots!

Join Helen Arney, Dr Suzie Sheehy, Gia Milinovich, Dr Helen Scales, Helen Keen, Dr Alice Bell, Sarah Angliss and Sydney Padua for an entertaining evening of science, technology, comedy and song on Ada Lovelace Day. Experience all manner of wonders, from particle physics to the secrets behind our fridges’ hum, from performing robots to a celebration of the Shark Lady, marine biologist Eugenie Clark. We’ll also hear about the Mercury 13, the group of women who independently underwent the same astronaut training as the Mercury Seven but never met as a group and never went into space. Ada Lovelace Day Live! is an event not to be missed!

ALD Live 2011 was

“Truly hilarious!”
“Pretty much designed to blow our minds!”

Don’t miss out this year!

This evening event is supported by Women’s Engineering Society, who will be presenting the prestigious Karen Burt Memorial Award to a newly chartered woman engineer.

Ticket Price: £10.00, or £5,00 for students. 
Date: Tuesday 16 October 2012
Time: 6.30pm
Venue: IET London, 2 Savoy Place, London WC2R 0BL


Suzie SheehyDr Suzie Sheehy
Suzie is an accelerator physicist whose research focuses on developing new particle accelerators for future applications in areas such as medicine and energy.


Sydney PaduaSydney Padua
Sydney is an animator and story artist who can generally be found making giant monsters attack people for the movies. She started drawing comics by accident and is still trying to figure out how to stop.


Helen ScalesDr Helen Scales
Helen is a science writer and broadcaster who, true to her name, specialises in all things fishy. A scuba diver and free diver with a PhD from Cambridge University, she can be heard as a science and environment pundit on BBC Radio.


Alice BellDr Alice Bell
Alice is an academic and writer interested in the social, political and cultural side of science.



Sarah AnglissSarah Angliss
A composer, roboticist, theremin player and tech historian, Sarah is the founder of human and robot band Spacedog. Her performance reflects her obsessions with defunct machines, faded variety acts and the darkest English folktales. It’s been seen and heard everywhere from Radio 4 and sonic arts nights to steampunk cabarets and science festivals. (Photo by Sin Bozkurt)


Helen ArneyHelen Arney
Helen is a comedian and geek songstress. Using both her physics degree and a ukulele, she writes original and unusually funny songs inspired by science, appears on Radio 4 and 6Music, tours the UK as one third of Festival of the Spoken Nerd.


Gia MilinovichGia Milinovich
Gia is an American ex-pat, a science groupie and TV presenter who co-presented the BBC’s Electric Dreams series, looking at the progress of technology from the 70s to the 90s.


Helen KeenHelen Keen
Helen is a comedian whose 2008 debut solo show, It Is Rocket Science! won the Buxton Festival Fringe Award for Best Comedy Performance and extensively toured the UK & Ireland before being snapped up by BBC Radio 4. She is currently the first Comedian in Residence at the Newcastle Centre for Life.


Tracy KingTracy King
Tracy is a producer, writer and consultant and runs an animation and game development company. She produced Tim Minchin’s Storm – The Movie, two TAM Londons, and has a column on gaming culture in Custom PC Magazine.

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About WES and the Karen Burt Memorial Award

Founded in 1919, WES is ”a professional, not-for-profit network of women engineers, scientists and technologists offering inspiration, support and professional development.”

Although theworld has changed since a group of women decided to band create an organisation to support women in engineering, the need is still there. WES works to connect students with professionals, organise events to support  young people, and provide career support and networking groups.

Karen Burt was a WES Council offers who campaigned to improve the recruitment and retention of women in science and engineering. She was instrumental in the establishment of the Centre for Advanced Instrumentation Systems at University College, London, but her career at UCL was cut tragically short by a stroke.

The Karen Burt Memorial Award was first presented in 1999 to Rebecca Dowsett, and is given each year to a Chartered woman in engineering, applied science, and IT.

“The award recognizes the candidate’s excellence and potential in the practice of engineering and highlights the importance of Chartered status, as well as offering recognition to contributions made by the candidate to the promotion of the engineering profession.”