Finding Ada Conference Schedule

Join us on Monday 9, Tuesday 10 and Wednesday 11 November for the Finding Ada Virtual STEM Conference will be a 29 hour extravaganza of talks, workshops, Q&As and more, starting at 9am in Wellington, New Zealand, and continuing through until 5pm in Seattle, USA.

We have a variety of talks, workshops, Q&As, interviews, panel discussions on the themes of Career Development, Policy & Advocacy, and Widening Participation. So whether you are a woman in STEM who wants to develop her career, a business leader or HR exec, an educator or parent, or an advocate or community organiser, we’ll be running sessions for you!

Take a look at the schedule on Hopin, read our speaker bios and talk synopses, and book your free tickets now!

Times in GMT

Talk Title


Mon 20:00 Increasing the Sisterhood in Tech: A Call to Action to the Village Ruth James
Mon 21:00 Revelations from Our Pandemic Pivot: How Rapidly Deploying Virtual Delivery Energized Our Learning Community Amy Cliett
Mon 22:00 5 Keys to a Successful “Rebellion of One” Amy Kardel
Mon 23:00 Increasing women participation in STEM Fatimah Almathami
Mon 23:45 Addressing the other side of the equation Malgorzata Lagisz
Tues 00:00 The Secret to Behavioural Change Suki Xiao
Tues 01:00
Panel Discussion: Indigenous women in  STEM (live) Karlie Noon
Aleisha Amohia
Johnnie Jae
Shawn Peterson
Eteroa Lafaele
Tues 02:00
Social Media & Women in STEM – how can it help? Alice Clark
Tues 02:45 Mentorship Under the Microscope Cassandra Lee
Tues 03:00 Telling your Science Story Ginny Smith
Tues 04:00 Bridging the Gender Divide in Tech: 1 Technologist at a Time. Tina Vinod
Tues 05:00 Relauncher: Come back with a plan! Deepthi Karuppusami
Tues 05:45 Ten soft skills to stand out in the Software Industry Anisha Swain
Tues 06:00 Mentoring: A win-win situation Shraddha Surana
Tues 07:00
Citizen Science: a way to widen participation? Alice Sheppard
Tues 08:00 STEM without boundaries Deborah Dormah Kanubala
Tues 09:00
Panel Discussion: Can Children’s Books Encourage More Girls into STEM? (live) Miriam Tocino
Kate Wilson
Lisa Rajan
Dr Sheila Kanani
Tues 10:00 How I got into engineering Ying Wan Loh
Tues 10:45 How we introduced the Women’s Breakfast Club at the office Kathrin Goldammer
Tues 11:00 Let Toys Be Toys: how to challenge gender stereotypes in childhood Olivia Dickinson
Tues 11:45 The Wonder Years – Starting STEM Early Kristina Robb
Tues 12:00 Roll up! Roll up! Using circus to increase involvement and ambition of girls in STEM Dea Birkett
Tues 13:00
Panel Discussion: Mitigating the Impacts of COVID-19 (live) Tara Scott
Joeli Brearley
Dr Nisreen Alwan
Mariam Crichton
Tues 14:00
In conversation with DeLisa Alexander of Red Hat (live) DeLisa Alexander
Suw Charman-Anderson
Tues 15:00 Empowering every woman: supercharging STEM advocacy with WORK180 Louise Fowkes
Tues 15:45 The role of learned societies in widening participation, through the use of role models Dr Sheila Kanani & Sian Prosser
Tues 16:00
In conversation with Caroline Walker of J.P. Morgan (live) Caroline Walker
Suw Charman-Anderson
Tues 17:00 Never too young: The importance of challenging science stereotypes in primary school Ellie Highwood
Tues 17:45 Steam Powered Flying Horses Alan O’Donohoe
Tues 18:00
Panel Discussion: Launching and Running an Advocacy Group (live) Suw Charman-Anderson
Vanessa Vallely OBE
Elisabeth Holm
April Moh
Tues 19:00
In Conversation with Chi Onwurah MP Chi Onwurah MP
Suw Charman-Anderson
Tues 20:00 Building Power as a Female Leader Jan Molino
Tues 20:45 Across is Not Down: A Lifelong Career as an Individual Contributor Esther Massimini
Tues 21:00 Raising women’s voice with Somos Cintia Podcast Erika Pessôa
Tues 22:00 Widening participation in STEM, a catalyst to scaling innovation and social mobility Boitshoko Phalatse
Tues 22:45 Every Company is Now a Tech Company Tracey Welson-Rossman
Tues 23:00 Effective Virtual Presentations Katerina Arzhayev
Tues 23:45 Six Steps to Stop Rambling in Interviews Lusen Mendel
Wed 00:00 No Woman Left Behind: Planning for Intersectionality Shailvi Wakhlu