Our mission at Ada Lovelace Day is to raise the profile of women in STEM, and we think our two anthologies about the inventors, pioneers, technologists, scientists, engineers and mathematicians, both modern and historic, do exactly that! Indeed, only one thing unites these stories, whether it is the ground-breaking use of scuba diving to study sharks, or the rigorous physical and psychological testing of Mercury astronaut hopefuls — all our protagonists are women.

Posters & Stationery

You can now buy Ada Lovelace posters, prints, greetings cards, and notebooks from our RedBubble shop! We have a full range of merchandise featuring Ada Lovelace and palaeontologist Mary Anning, plus our three careers posters available for sale.

Posters start at £11.95, spiral-bound notebooks are £9.26 and hardback journals are £15.44, but look out for Red Bubble sales! All profits go to supporting Ada Lovelace Day.

Passion for Science Anthologies

A Passion for ScienceA Passion for Science: Stories of Discovery and Invention brings together inspiring stories of how we achieved some of the most important breakthroughs in science and technology, from the identification of the Horsehead Nebula to the creation of the computer program, from the development of in vitro fertilisation to the detection of pulsars.

Journalist and TV presenter Maggie Philbin said that the book is "a brilliant read" and a "powerful, important and engaging record of women’s experiences in science and technology. Some stories I thought I knew, others were completely fresh to me, but every one captured the spirit of a woman I would have loved to have been."

Read our sample chapters, or buy the ebook on Amazon for £1.99.


final_MorePassion_300dpiOur second book, More Passion for Science: Journeys Into the Unknown, explores topics as diverse as the Air Transport Auxiliary ferrying planes around the UK during the Second World War under incredibly dangerous conditions, the programming of the first electronic general purpose computer, and the building of the Brooklyn Bridge.

“This is a wonderful collection of stories written with charm and eloquence by a wonderful collection of people," said mathematician and broadcaster Dr Hannah Fry. "There are captivating tales of celebrated characters and intriguing hidden stories from those sidelined from the spotlight."

Again, you can read some sample chapters, or buy the ebook on Amazon.

Posters and wall art

Our Ada Lovelace, Mary Anning, Ten Types of Technologist, and Ten Types of Scientist posters and wall art are available in a variety of formats and sizes. Posters are available in approximately A0, A1 and A2 sizes, with prices starting at £11.80. You can also get art prints, canvas prints, framed prints, metal prints, and photographic prints, as well as greetings cards and postcards.

Our Amazingly Enormous STEM Careers Poster is available only as A0, A1 and A2 posters, to ensure readability.

Ada Lovelace poster

Mary Anning, Palaeontologist

Ten Types of Technologist poster

10 Types of Scientist Poster

Amazingly Enormous STEM Careers Poster

Notebooks and journals

Our Lovelace and Anning designs can also be bought as notebooks and journals. The spiral-bound notebook costs £9.13 and comes with either ruled or graph paper. The hardcover journal costs £15.23 and comes with ruled, graph or blank paper. 

Ada Lovelace Spiralbound

Ada Lovelace Journal

Mary Anning spiralbound

Mary Anning Journal rb

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