We’ve preserved some of the content from past years, but because the website evolved as needed, not everything could be saved. If you want to browse through our archives, this is what we have available:

ALD 2015
Events 2015
Ada Lovelace Day Live 2015
Slack Scholarships
Worldwide Events 2015
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ALD 2014
Events 2014
Ada Lovelace Day Live 2014
Ada Lovelace Day for Schools 2014
Worldwide Events 2014
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ALD 2013
Events 2013
Ada Lovelace Day Live 2013
Worldwide Events 2013
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ALD 2012
ALD 2012
ALD 2012 Team
Events 2012
Ada Lovelace Day Live 2012
XX Games Jam 2012
Worldwide Events 2012

ALD 2011
ALD 2011 Events – Details of Ada Lovelace Day Live and the Ada Lovelace Day Android Extravaganza
ALD 2011 Offers – Some of the offers that our partners provided
ALD 2011 Offers and happenings – more offers and stuff that people did to support the day
ALD 2011 Team – who helped with the day
ALD 2011 Worldwide events – details of events around the world

ALD 2010
ALD 2010 Partners – who supported our endeavours in 2010

ALD 2009
ALD 2009 – the first home page