Providing relocation support

Starting a new job in a new town can be a daunting experience for anyone. However, for women, whether established professionals or recent graduates, the stresses can be even greater. Women are more likely to have dependant relatives, so may be disrupting much more than their own life in order to take up your job offer. Paying attention to the broader needs of a woman’s partner and, potentially, family will take thought, time, effort and sometimes money. But it will also make you a much more attractive employer and will help to ensure that you really do hire and retain the best talent.

A prospective employer can therefore usefully think more broadly about relocation for women:

Understand graduate trends
Start providing information early
Offer relocation expenses
Provide advice on where to live
Allow time for settling in
Be flexible, fair and transparent

Understand graduate trends
Despite the widespread assumption that young women don’t have the same family res...



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