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Unfortunately, the server hosting the FindingAda blog got badly attacked by spammers over Christmas and my hosting company ended up suspending the account. They would only unsuspend it for short periods so that we could rescue the contents of the server. Sadly, I don’t have the skills to de-spam-ify a hacked account and UKHost4U didn’t have a backup, so the only option that we had was to nuke the whole installation from orbit.

The results of this are that the redirects that pointed at the Evectors-created directory were also lost (that bit of info slipped through the net), although the data hasn’t been lost as it was hosted on Rackspace… I just need to fiddle with some redirects.

The long and the short of it is that the blog has been rescued and re-installed on WPEngine, a secure WP host, where it should be safe. The directory is still on Rackspace, and I’m hoping that soon I have the info I need to hook that back up with the domain. The domain itself is being shifted over to Gandi so that I can manage it a bit more easily, and independently of any hosting.

Once this episode is sorted, I can get back to organising ALD2012!

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