Ada Lovelace Day 2011 huge success

This year’s Ada Lovelace Day has been a fantastic success, but it wouldn’t have happened without the hard work of a lot of people, so I have some heartfelt thanks to share:

Paolo Valdemarin and his team at Evectors worked hard to get the new website up and running. I look forward to working with them further over the next year to develop the site in some exciting directions!

Thanks to Helen Arney, Hannah Dee, Maggie Berry and BCSWomen for their invaluable support in organising Ada Lovelace Day Live!. Huge thanks to our speakers: Maggie Philbin, Helen Keen, Dr Sue Black, Sarah Pascoe, Gia Milinovich, Maggie Aderin-Pocock and special thanks to our compere for the evening, Kate Smurthwaite. It was a truly fabulous event!

And thanks to Hannah Dee, Karen Petrie and BCSWomen for putting on the Ada Lovelace Day Android Extravaganza.

Further thanks to the volunteers who have helped over the last year: Steph Troeth, Miles Taylor, Joel Mitchell, Owen Blacker, Jen Blacker, Saul Cozens, and everyone else in the working group who has contributed. ALD wouldn’t have been what it was without such a great group of volunteers.

And finally, thank you to everyone who came to the events, everyone who organised events around the world, and everyone who took part online.

Please do keep an eye @findingada on Twitter and on our blog as we continue to develop the site over the next few months.

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