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Come and celebrate Ada Lovelace Day 2019 @3Shape

8 October 2019 @ 2:30 pm - 7:30 pm


3Shape and Department of Computer Science DIKU – University of Copenhagen join forces to celebrate the Ada Lovelace Day 2019 in Denmark! You are kindly invited to join us for a cheerful afternoon with talks, networking and refreshments, all focusing on women having chosen a technological or scientific path of career and who want to share their story with a greater community – to the benefit of the society and in honor of Ada Lovelace.

We bring together engineers, entrepreneurs, leaders, students and other enthusiasts with different backgrounds to celebrate the achievements of women in STEM and inspire diversity in tech. We will showcase game-changing work and research of women in tech that innovates and disrupts.


14:30: Doors open
15:00: Welcome by 3Shape and DIKU and a brief intro to what Ada Lovelace accomplished and her impact on women’s entry into science

15:15: Innovating for superior patient care: 3Shape’s journey by Tais Clausen, Co-CEO and Co-founder, 3Shape
15:45: Innovation and Transformation in an Engineering-based Organisation by Maria Hoffmann, Project Leader in Innovation at Ørsted & Benna Hedegaard, Lead Innovation Manager at Ørsted
16:15: Simulating meaning: an AI-complete problem by Christina Lioma, University of Copenhagen, Department of Computer Science
16:45: Mingling and hands-on experience with 3Shape software and 3D scanners
17:15: Let’s face it: challenges and opportunities in 3D face scanning by Gabija Kirsanske, Optics developer at 3Shape
17:45: Q&A facilitated by Carita Hedegaard-Knudsen, Systems Engineer at 3Shape
18:15: Food, drinks, networking and hands-on experience with 3Shape software and 3D scanners


Speakers and talks


Maria Hoffmann is Project Leader in Innovation at Ørsted. Maria has a Ph.D. in Fundamental and Applied Physics from Cern, where a broad range of capabilities has given her a strong platform. Furthermore, drawing on her STEM background, she has achieved experience and opportunities in the corporate world through her work as a consultant at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and now at Ørsted.

Benna Hedegaard is Lead Innovation Manager at Ørsted through which she has established an in-house Innovation Lab, from design to execution. This, along with her previous position as Innovation and Business Developer at Novozymes, and an MSc in Management and Innovation, she holds great knowledge on working with innovation in a deeply engineering-based organization.

About the talk

Innovation and Transformation in an Engineering-based Organisation

The challenges and opportunities for driving an innovation agenda. Two areas will be touched upon: 1) The experience Maria has achieved in the corporate world drawing on her STEM background. 2.) How Maria and Benna work with innovation and transformation in an engineering-based organization where new business opportunities may come from the crossroads between engineering and new business models.



Christina Lioma, Dr. Scient. and Professor in CS at the Univ. of Copenhagen is despite her young age of 42 a highly distinguished researcher with honors from Glasgow and Manchester Univ. Since 2018, she has headed the ML section at DIKU covering Information Retrieval, NLP, data mining, applied ML, and AI.

About the talk

Simulating meaning: an AI-complete problem

Building machines that can understand text like humans is an AI-complete problem. A great deal of research has already gone into this, with astounding results, allowing everyday people to discuss with their telephones, or have their reading materials analyzed and classified by computers.

A prerequisite for processing text semantics, common to the above examples, is having some computational representation of text as an abstract object. Operations on this representation practically correspond to making semantic inferences, and by extension simulating understanding text. The complexity and granularity of semantic processing that can be realized is constrained by the mathematical and computational robustness, expressiveness, and rigor of the tools used.

This talk will cover a series of such tools, diverse in their mathematical formulation, but common in their application to model semantic inferences when machines process text.



Gabija Kirsanske, Optics developer at 3Shape comes from a background of physics with a Ph.D. in quantum physics from the University of Copenhagen. After her post-doctoral research, she joined 3Shape in 2018 to work as an optics developer for a project building a CBCT scanner.

About the talk

Let’s face it: challenges and opportunities in 3D face scanning

Recently, face-scan applications have spread from specialized to consumer-level products. Many of them powered by machine learning do face recognition for security or simply for unlocking a mobile device. At 3Shape we developed a 3D face scanner with great potential in the medical industry. What challenges are posed and what opportunities can we seize with such technology in our products?


Ada Lovelace Day background

All over the world, the achievements of women in STEM educations are celebrated on the second Tuesday of October personified in Ada Lovelace, an English mathematician also known as the first to recognize the full potential of a “computing machine” and the first computer programmer. She was the first to discover that the machine had applications beyond pure calculation and published the first algorithm intended to be carried out by such a machine.

Ada Lovelace Day marks an international celebration of the achievements of women in STEM. It was started in 2009 by Suw Charman-Anderson as a day of blogging about women in tech and rapidly developed into a broader celebration of women in STEM, the definition of which people interpret in their own way.

This year, 3Shape and DIKU join the community of countries hosting local ALD events.

More info on world-wide Ada Lovelace Memorial Days:

This independent event is part of Ada Lovelace Day, a worldwide celebration of women in science, technology, engineering, and maths. You can follow them on Twitter: @findingada.


8 October 2019
2:30 pm - 7:30 pm
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Holmens Kanal 7 København 1060 Denmark + Google Map


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