ALD21 Podcasts: The Cosmic Savannah, Dr Jacinta Delhaize & Dr Daniel Cunnama

The Cosmic Savannah, Dr Jacinta Delhaize & Dr Daniel Cunnama

Africa’s beautiful dark skies and vast plains make it an ideal place for cutting-edge astronomy research. Presented by Dr Jacinta Delhaize and Dr Daniel Cunnama, The Cosmic Savannah podcast showcases the world-class astronomy and astrophysics coming from the African continent. Hear about the fascinating people and discoveries coming out of Africa and how they are relevant on the world stage, as well as the indigenous people of South Africa’s relationship with the cosmos, pulsars, what we can learn from thermonuclear explosions on white dwarfs and rising stars of African astronomy. 

Recent episodes include conversations with: 

  • Dr Marisa Geyer, pulsar astronomer and commissioning scientist at the South African Radio Astronomy Observatory (SARAO), who explains her research on pulsars and mysterious Fast Radio Bursts;
  • Dr Miriam Nyamai, who studies thermonuclear eruptions on the surface of white dwarf stars; and,
  • Dr Michelle Lochner, senior lecturer at the University of the Western Cape, who is developing new machine learning and artificial intelligence tools to analyse the massive astronomical datasets of next-generation telescopes.

You can follow her work here:

Twitter: @jdelhaize and @cosmicsavannah

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