ALD21 Podcasts: Dope Labs, Titi Shodiya & Zakiya Whatley

Dope Labs, Titi Shodiya & Zakiya Whatley

Hosted by best friends (and two of the dopest scientists you will ever meet), Titi Shodiya and Zakiya Whatley, Dope Labs is a podcast serving up scientific principles with a healthy dose of tea. From cuffing season to Cardi B, they take what’s trending and put it under the microscope with the help of some very smart (and cool) scientific friends. At Dope Labs, they believe science is “for errrrbody” and their mission is to bring out the inner scientist in YOU. 

Recent episodes include: 

  • The sociology of celebration. Dope Labs explores the work of Mihai Stelian Rusu and Ismo Kantola and their three coordinates of celebration: temporality, spatiality, and sociality.
  • Afrofuturism, science fiction, and horror with Dr Kinitra Brooks.
  • Dr Marie Spiker talks about the US food system, from farm to fork to flush. Dope Labs talks about the various ways the food industry has to adjust when the demand changes.

You can follow their work here:

Twitter: @Dr_TSho, @Zsaidso and @dopelabspodcast

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