ALD21 Archive: Creating inspiring science demos – Fran Scott, 2013

Creating inspiring science demos – Fran Scott, 2013

Fran Scott, a science communicator who designs demos for TV and live events, shows us what you can do with some water, a plastic bottle and a secret ingredient.

Fran is a science translator and demonstration developer, drawing on her knowledge to present science in a jargon-free, accessible and accurate way. She runs Great Scott! Productions, a science communication production company that runs bespoke workshops and demos. She writes regularly for National Geographic Kids, The Week Junior and Huffington Post, as well as contributing to numerous science books and kits aimed at kids.

Scott also designs demos for BBC live stage shows, DK books and the Science Museum.  She has designed demos for CBBC’s Absolute Genius with Dick and Dom, was the Engineering judge on Channel 4’s Lego Masters, and an expert on Abandoned Engineering. She is also a pyrotechnician and Science Content Producer at the Royal Institution.

You can follow her work here:


Recorded at Imperial College London and sponsored by the Biochemical Society, you can watch the rest of the Ada Lovelace Day Live 2013 playlist here.

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