Dea Birkett: Roll up! Roll up! Using circus to increase involvement and ambition of girls in STEM

Dea Birkett’s presentation from the Finding Ada Conference 2020.


A decade ago, 11 per cent of women were engineers. Today, that figure is the same. In the meantime, millions of pounds have been spent on initiatives to shift female participation in STEM. Few work. So at Circus250 we decided to take a very different approach, using the accessible art form of circus to inform and enthuse girls and women about science. This is the story of how and why we did it.

About Dea

Dea Birkett is director at Circus250, a Community Interest Company dedicated to creating and touring ‘circus with purpose’. Previously she was director of Kids in Museums, an NPO working with museums to better include young people and families. A former circus artiste, Dea also spent a decade as a Guardian feature writer and is author of seven books. She is Creative Director of ManyRiversFilms, a Bafta winning production company making documentaries that challenge.

Twitter: @circus250
Facebook: @circus250
Instagram: @StrongWomenScience

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