Introducing our new Four Week Intensive Mentoring Program

Today we launch our new Four Week Intensive Mentoring Program for women in STEM, which is based on the successful mentoring work we’ve been doing with the Finding Ada Network over the last year.

This transformational mentoring engagement will help mentees tackle one issue or work towards one key goal over the course of the month. It will also introduce mentors to the mentoring process and help them hone their leadership and communications skills.

And it’s a very convenient and easy way to introduce mentoring into an organisation. Once participants are recruited, we do all the rest.

We provide support to mentors and mentees throughout the program, with advice on how to get the best out of a mentoring experience, how to think about and set goals, and clear guidance on how to use our mentoring tools. Mentors and mentees will need to dedicate about six hours to the program over the month.

The launch price of the Four Week Intensive Mentoring Program is £995 for 20 participants (10 mentors and 10 mentees). To find out more or make a booking, email Suw Charman-Anderson.

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