Uncovering career passion in data science

It was the buzz of being able to help businesses make fast, data-driven decisions that led Yulia Kim into a career in data science, which has included a stint working at one of Silicon Valley’s largest tech giants. Now a Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst at GoCardless, she shares her advice for women considering a career in STEM, why it's important to follow your passion and how her current employer supports her in “so many ways”.

After studying economics at university, Yulia wasn’t entirely sure what career path she wanted to take. But it was seeing how data could be used to make better business decisions that enticed her into a career in data analytics.

"While interning at Songkick, a live music directory, I remember the team showcasing what they'd worked on that week and someone shared some analysis they’d done on the marketing funnel, from which business decisions were made," she recalls.

"I was impressed by how you could quickly spin up some data analysis and that led to...



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