International Women’s Day: Influential women in web technology and science

This guest post is by Arne Hulstein, who works with Twitter analytics company Peerreach. 

Today is International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate women and the effect they have on our society. At Peerreach we analyse over 400 million tweets per day to find out who your audience is and in what field your influences lie. So, specially for Finding Ada, I decided to check up on the ten most influential women worldwide on Twitter in the fields of web technology and science, women who inspire others in their field.

The top 10 women in web technology worldwide

Kara Swisher – Co-Executive editor, AllThingsD
Marissa Mayer – Yahoo!
Caterina Fake – Founder, Findery. Cofounder of Flickr and Hunch
Sarah Lacy -Reporter/author in Silicon Valley
Danah Boyd – Senior Researcher at Microsoft Research
Alexia Tsotsis – Co-Editor at TechCrunch
Esther Dyson – Chairman of EDventure Holdings
Veronica Belmont – Host of @Tekzilla on @Revision3 and The @SwordandLaser
Liz Gannes – Writes for AllThingsD
Gina Trapani – @ThinkUp & @todotxt. Started @Lifehacker

The top 10 women in science worldwide

Dr. Kiki Sanford –  PhD Neurophysiology, independent Science media and journalism
Alice Bell – Academic and writer. Interested in science in society
Rebecca Skloot – Author of #1 NYTimes Bestseller IMMORTAL LIFE OF HENRIETTA 
Emily Lakdawalla – Planetary Society blogger
Maria Popova – Editor of @brainpickings & @explorer
Maggie Koerth-Baker – Science editor at @BoingBoing
Joanne Manaster – Biology lecturer, video science book reviewer
Deborah Blum – Chemistry Geek, book author, blogger, journalist, professor
Hannah Waters – Smithsonian @OceanPortal producer, @SciAm blogger, writer
Karen James – Scientist @mdibl, co-founder & director @beagleproject

We have been monitoring the #womensday hashtag today and it is great to see that, even though two thirds of all tweets are by women, men are also tweeting. This is a good step towards the gender equality that is the theme of International Women’s Day 2013.

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