Ada Lovelace Day needs you

We are just 95 signatories off reaching our target of 1000 people, all promising to blog about a woman they admire on 24 March 2009. I had originally been a bit worried that we wouldn’t see 13 people per day sign up, but the reaction to the pledge has been just awe inspiring. Now my aim is to get 1000 people within the first seven days – which means that we have to reach our target by 10pm tonight, GMT.

If you haven’t signed the pledge, please do. If you haven’t blogged about it or Twittered about it yet, please do. We have less than twelve hours to hit the target!

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  1. I’m sure this is totally old news by this point, but I just signed up via a link from Neil Gaiman’s twitter… yay for awesome celebrities supporting awesome causes!

  2. Hi. I subscribed for the Ada Lovelace day as I’ve always admired this girl. I studied her writings during a college thing about programming culture.
    But I don’t get one thing : why the 24th of march ???

  3. Jean-no — there’s no real reason why 24th March. I was too late for her birth/death days and didn’t want to wait, so I just picked a random day.

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