ALD23 Books: The Possibility of Life: Searching for Kinship in the Cosmos, Jaime Green

The Possibility of Life: Searching for Kinship in the Cosmos, Jaime Green

One of the most potent questions we often ask about the cosmos is: are we alone? From the field of astrobiology to the search for exoplanets in the ‘Goldilocks Zone’, Jaime Green’s The Possibility of Life traces our understanding of what and where life in the universe could be, drawing upon the long tradition of writers and artists who have stimulated scientific research through the creation of imaginary worlds. 

Bringing together expert interviews, cutting-edge astronomy, philosophical inquiries and pop-culture touchstones ranging from A Wrinkle in Time to Star Trek, The Possibility of Life delves into our evolving conception of the cosmos to wonder what we might find … out there.

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About the Author

Jaime Green is a science writer, essayist, editor, and teacher, and she is the series editor of The Best American Science and Nature Writing. She received her MFA in Creative Nonfiction from Columbia University, and her writing has since appeared in Slate, Popular Science, The New York Times Book Review, American Theatre, Catapult, Astrobites and elsewhere.

Jaime has taught writing at Columbia University, Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts (The New School), Catapult, and the Sackett Street Writers’ Workshop. She also hosts readings and author interviews at book launches and events.

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Twitter: @jaimealyse

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