ALD22 Podcasts: People Behind The Science, Dr Marie McNeely

People Behind The Science, Dr Marie McNeely

People Behind the Science’s mission is to inspire current and future scientists, share the different paths to a successful career in science, educate the general population on what scientists do, and show the human side of science. In each episode, a different scientist will guide us through their journey by sharing their successes, failures, and passions. We are excited to introduce you to these inspiring academic and industry experts from all fields of science to give you a variety of perspectives on the life and path of a scientist.

Recent episodes: 

  • Dr Joshua Pate: Exploring pain science education and pain management in children.
  • Dr Naomi Tague: Scientific simulations in stream and ecosystem synergies.
  • Dr Susan Krumdieck: Dedicating her energy to engineering solutions to fuel our future.
  • Dr Lee Cronin: Chemistry is key: Studying self assembly and the origins of life.
  • Dr Emily Darling: Conducting research to conserve coral reefs.

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