ALD21 Podcasts: Her STEM Story, Prasha Sarwate

Her STEM Story, Prasha Sarwate

Her STEM Story is an ongoing masterclass for women in STEM professions, presented by first-generation immigrant Prasha Dutra, a product development manager with a background in chemical and mechanical engineering. It combines guest interviews and solo episodes, focusing on the personal challenges faced along a career path, to teach aspiring women in STEM what success means and what it takes to achieve it, at work and beyond. Exploring guilt and overwhelm, breaking stereotypes and why women leave STEM careers, it gives us an insight into stories often untold.

Recent episodes include: 

  • Richa Bansal, founder and CEO, Pinkcareers and senior advisor corporate strategy, Cistel, on how to pursue career success without feeling inadequate, overwhelmed, or guilty;
  • Caitlin Hirschler, a materials engineer from Georgia Tech who currently working for the world’s largest wire and cable manufacturer Prysmian Group; and,
  • Romila Rout, an electrical engineer from UT Dallas, who works in the semiconductor industry.

You can follow her work here:

Twitter: @prashadutra

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