ALD21 Archive: What are comets made of? – Dr Sheila Kanani, 2016

What are comets made of? – Dr Sheila Kanani, 2016

Planetary scientist Dr Sheila Kanani explores the history of comet science, and makes a comet nucleus live on stage. 

Dr Sheila Kanani is a planetary physicist, science presenter, secondary school physics teacher and space comedienne with a background in astrophysics and astronomy research from UK universities. She is currently the education, outreach and diversity officer for the Royal Astronomical Society in London. 

Her research has taken her to the Jodrell Bank Observatory, an Australian telescope facility searching for exoplanets in Sydney and to an old mansion in Surrey where she used the Cassini spacecraft to study the Lord of the Rings, Saturn. Sheila teaches and mentors at Space School UK, is a STEM ambassador for science and enjoys visiting schools, giving talks and workshops, and inspiring future astronauts of any age! She has a keen interest in science comedy in pubs, theatres and science festivals and plays the saxophone and field hockey in her spare time.

You can follow her work here:


Recorded at the IET, you can watch the rest of the Ada Lovelace Day Live 2016 playlist here.

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