Katerina Arzhayev Q&A: Effective Virtual Presentations

Q&A with Katerina Arzhayev, after her presentation from the Finding Ada Conference 2020.


Presenting virtually is nothing at all like being in a room with a ppt presentation. We no longer have the ability to control the experience our audience is getting, so how can we continue being effective and engaging presenters? In this talk, Katerina will present the best tips and tricks for intentionally using your face, body, and presentation content to make your point and get your audience as passionate as you are about the subject matter of your presentation.

About Katerina

When she was in school, Katerina Arzhayev joined the Speech and Debate team and launched a five year career traveling and participating in tournaments across the United States. The magic of effective communication has opened many doors for her, including personal growth and career options. After coaching high school students (14-18 yrs old) for several years, she started working with professors and clubs at the University of Denver and Georgetown University to provide coaching and communication workshops to college students. In her free time, she continues working with youth to ensure that their business plans and proposals are effectively presented and communicated. Katerina lives in the Washington DC area with her husband, two puppies, and mean cat.

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