Boitshoko Phalatse: Widening participation in STEM, a catalyst to scaling innovation and social mobility

Boitshoko Phalatse’s presentation from the Finding Ada Conference 2020.


This session will look at marrying old school methodologies with new school technologies and adaptation into digital educational platforms and resources. Our use of coding platforms to promote innovation and collaboration. My believe is that technologies such as case study simulations and AR/VR will expand the interest of STEM as a career choice within young girls in rural communities and reach the desired social breakthrough and advancement.

About Boitshoko

I enjoy the opportunity to revolutionise experiential learning through emerging technologies that introduce agility and automation. I strongly believe technology to be an integral role player in transforming communities. I have a strong passion for sharing knowledge I’ve gained along the way, learning and mentoring in the field and have participated in numerous panel discussions including the Harvard African Development Conference and guest lectured on Impact tech.

LinkedIn: /BoitshokoPahaltse

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