Erika Pessôa: Raising women’s voice with Somos Cintia Podcast

Erika Pessôa’s presentation from the Finding Ada Conference 2020.


Somos Cintia is a podcast that has women, technology and gender equality as main topics in all episodes. This talk will discuss how this initiative is contributing to give and raise women’s voice, value their works, experiences and researches; how it has been inspiring other women to talk, tell their stories and/or pursuing a computer career. Also, it will share some challenges and tips on how to make a podcast in a “so specific” topic from scratch without any financial or material support.

About Erika

I’m from Pernambuco, Brazil and in the present time I’m pursuing a PhD in Computer Science, focusing on studying how to better retain women that choose a graduation in the computer science field and started this graduation to not give up while working at Thoughtworks Brazil as a developer consultant. I advocate gender equality and antiracism at all spaces and opportunities I have and I believe that the world can change to a better place for all if we all engage in this change.

Twitter: @EricaParaujo
LinkedIn: /erikapessoaa
Instagram: ProgramaEssaMenina!

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