Deborah Dormah Kanubala: STEM without boundaries

Deborah Dormah Kanubala’s presentation from the Finding Ada Conference 2020.


Social media has helped reach out to millions of people, however, it still leaves out a chunk of students with no access to the internet uninformed about current STEM trends. It was reported by UNESCO that nearly 82% of students in Sub-Saharan Africa lack access to the internet which means a large number of these students remain uninformed. This talk, therefore, would focus on how educational organisations and women STEM groups could reach out to students who lack access to the internet.

About Deborah

Deborah Dormah Kanubala is a lecturer in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence at the Academic City University, Accra Ghana. She is also the Co-founder of Women Promoting Science to the Younger Generation (WPSYG) and hails from the Northern part of Ghana which happens to be a region that remains underprivileged when it comes to women in STEM. Due to her active participation in promoting STEM, she was voted among the 20 Most influential people in Northern Ghana, STEM Category.

Twitter: @wpsyg
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LinkedIn: /WomenPromotingScienceToTheYoungerGeneration

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