Shraddha Surana Q&A: Mentoring – a win-win situation

Q&A with Shraddha Surana after her presentation at the Finding Ada Conference 2020.
During the initial days (years to be honest), I remember thinking “if only I knew this earlier, I would have done things better”. I would have developed faster as a professional, had I some insight or mentor to guide me. This is the main reason I started mentoring & guiding students. Both on data science projects and in general about the industry, about confidence & going about things. You can always be a mentor to someone and the benefits reaped are multi-fold for both the mentor and mentee!
About Shraddha
Shraddha is a lead data scientist at Thoughtworks with an interest in anything data, algorithms & sciences. She has published papers & given conference talks on machine learning and has worked in BFSI, retail, astrophysics & life science domains. Along with her job, she mentors several students from India & Africa. She is the co-organiser of the ‘Bridge&am...



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