Tina Vinod: Bridging the Gender Divide in Tech, 1 Technologist at a Time

Tina Vinod’s presentation from the Finding Ada Conference 2020.


The gender divide in tech is a reality. Almost 63% of women in tech who re-enter the industry feel that a break was detrimental to their career progression. This talk will cover VAPASI the ThoughtWorks’ certified free technical women returnee program for women technologists on a career break. The training program is designed for women who are keen to get back to tech. It has a holistic approach to inclusion that goes beyond just training to empowering and driving positive social change.

About Tina

Tina Vinod is the Head of Diversity, Inclusion and Social Change for ThoughtWorks India. A feminist at heart with a strong belief that an inclusive organisational culture brings about the best in teams and individuals. She comes with 20+ years of experience with a passion for gender and LGBTQ+ inclusion, WIT, social change initiatives, mental health & wellness and equity in the workplace. Tina is actively involved in contributing to non-profits supporting marginalised communities.

Twitter: @Tina_Vinod
LinkedIn: /TinaVinod
Instagram: @Tina.Vinod

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