Ginny Smith Q&A: Telling your Science Story

Q&A with Ginny Smith after her presentation, Telling your Science Story, from the Finding Ada Conference 2020.


We all love stories, and science is full of them. Storytelling can help upgrade your public engagement, whether that’s blogging, public speaking or TikTok. These skills might even help pep up your next seminar or keep that cute stranger’s attention in the pub! This session will guide you through the principles of story-telling, and how to apply them to your research. You will learn to consider the audience, and leave confident you can tell your science story in an engaging and effective way.


Twitter: @BraintasticSci & @GinnyFBSmith
LinkedIn: /ginnyfbsmith
Worksheets: Word or PDF

About Ginny

Ginny is a science writer, presenter & neuroscience expert with a talent for making the complex comprehensible, and a passion to bring brain science to audiences around the world. Over years working as a science communicator, she has honed her skill for finding the stories in science, and telling them in engaging and compelling ways. She loves to share this as a trainer & consultant, providing scientists and organisations with the techniques needed to grab an audience’s attention and keep it.

Twitter: @GinnyFBSmith
LinkedIn: /GinnyFBSmith
Instagram: @ScienceGinny

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