Ruth James Q&A: Increasing the Sisterhood in Tech – A Call to Action to the Village

Q&A with Ruth James after her presentation, Increasing the Sisterhood in Tech – A Call to Action to the Village, from the Finding Ada Conference 2020.

Talk Synopsis

Watch Ruth’s talk here.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, well, this is my call to the global village to increase the number of women entering the technology sector. I will share some of the fundamentals I’ve learnt over my time in tech outreach to encourage more girls into tech:

  • Showcasing what it really looks like to work in tech.
  • Championing girls into tech.
  • Connecting with opportunities locally and online.
  • Building confidence in young women so they may continue to stay curious about tech.


The links mentioned by Ruth are:

About Ruth

At 21, I graduated with a degree in Graphic Design & Illustration (which I’ve never used). At 29, I moved from the UK to NZ – this is when I first experienced working in tech (as a receptionist!) At 37, I’d finally discovered what I wanted to do when I grew up – Tech Outreach! I originally started volunteering with not-for-profits and charities working in this space. I now work at Xero as a Tech Outreach & Engage Coordinator.

Twitter: @RuthJamesNZ
LinkedIn: /RuthJames

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