Why STEM? Mia Walls, software engineer at J.P. Morgan

Why did you choose a career in STEM? There are as many answers to that question as there are women in STEM, and in this campaign we’re featuring some of the answers from women within the first five years of their careers. We’d love you to take part, so take a look at our intro post, which features a Why STEM? video from Alex Radu, and our video tips and guidelines.

Here, we hear from Mia Walls, a software engineer at J.P. Morgan, who talks about why she first became interested in STEM, and why she chose to work in technology in particular. She mentions about her worries going into a computer science course, gives some tips about how to think about how to learn to program, and also talks about how flexible tech careers are.

Why STEM? is a collaboration with our sponsor J.P. Morgan.

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