Need a career change? Here’s 6 steps to make it happen

Are you ready for a career change? If so, you’re not alone. According to a London Business School study, half the UK workforce (47%) would like to move into a new career. But how do you turn this dream into action?

Whether your career goals have changed, your industry has been disrupted or you’re just feeling unfulfilled, here are six steps to help give your career a makeover:
1. Think about the why
The first step requires some self-reflection. Why do you want to change careers and what is it that you’re looking for from your next move? Maybe it’s a bigger challenge, better work/life balance or the ability to make more money. Be clear on what it is you do want and what you don’t want, as this will help shape where to from here.
2. Identify some alternative career options
If you know you want to change careers but are not sure what to, think about your interests, your passions and what drives you, and how this could translate into a profession. You can also seek the advice of fam...



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