Box of delights: Make the best of your email address

Your academic email address can get you access to all sorts of useful and entertaining services. Here's how to access some of them.
The value of an email address
Few people in academia know quite how handy their online credentials – having at the end of their email address – can be. Most university and college libraries and computer services departments have subscribed to numerous useful services that you can benefit from, even if you're not using them for your study or research. Most are easily accessible once you've logged in to your academic account through services like Shibboleth or Athens, where you enter the name of your institution as well as the same username and password you use to log-in to a campus PC, wifi and email, although procedures can vary. Ask at your library’s help desk if you need help with this.
Box of Broadcasts (BOB)
Box of Broadcasts is a massive streaming database containing every television and radio programme broadcast through Freeview since...



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