New careers poster: What kind of technologist could I be?

What kind of technologist are you

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We are delighted to be able to finally reveal our latest careers poster, What Kind Of Technologist Could I Be?, created in collaboration with Stack Overflow, the internet’s largest online community for software developers.

Over the last few months, a team at Stack Overflow led by design managers Kristina Lustig and Rennie Abraham have used metadata about their job listings, as well as results from their 2018 Developer Surveys, in order to identify ten broad categories of job in the tech industry. Together with Ada Lovelace Day founder Suw Charman-Anderson, they then crafted descriptions that we hope will inspire girls to consider the wide variety of roles available to them in tech.

The poster aims to explode the idea that the only people who work in tech are programmers, and that traditionally female-coded roles, such as Teacher, Communicator and Facilitator are ‘not really tech jobs’.

The role descriptions are left intentionally general so that students can more easily explore the nuances of different jobs within each category. That also allows teachers, parents and career advisors to talk through the personal attributes that attract students to a particular role type, rather than focus on a narrow set of technical skills which might initially seem intimidating.

“Ada Lovelace is a hero to many at Stack Overflow (we even have a conference room named after her in our NYC office!)” said Lustig. “We were excited to do our small part in supporting Ada Lovelace Day, especially since, as the world’s largest community for developers, we share a passion for making tech more inclusive.”

As with our other careers posters, What Kind Of Technologist Could I Be? is available as a free download, and as a print-on-demand poster via our shop at RedBubble.

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