Update to Dr Mae Jemison crochet pattern

If you downloaded the Dr Mae Jemison crochet pattern, then you’ll want to download the new, corrected version before you get started!

Dr Mae Jemison PDF pattern – UK
Dr Mae Jemison PDF pattern – US
Dr Mae Jemison Ravelry page

The new pattern fixes a problem with Jemison’s neck, which as previously written turned out to be a little bit floppy. Unfortunately, this didn’t get picked up in testing, and I had thought that the reason my own test version was a bit floppy was just that I’m not an expert crocheter. But when I was designing Dr Eugenie Clark I made her neck quite a bit thicker, 18 stitches instead of 7, and that made it much more robust.

The differences in the pattern are the last two rounds of the head, and rounds 6 to 20 of the body (and both collar options).

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