ALD Podcast: Ep 3, Hazel Gibson & Dr Erik Klemetti

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Welcome to the third episode Ada Lovelace Day podcast, highlighting the work of women in STEM. We’ll be talking to women from around the STEM world about their careers, as well as talking to women and men, about historic and modern women’s achievements, discoveries, and inventions.

In this episode

01:00: We talk to Hazel Gibson about geoscience cognition and communication — how the metaphors we use for geological concepts, like underground rivers, affect how well we understand geological processes.

26:33: And Dr Erik Klemetti, volcanologist and author of the Wired Eruptions blog, tells us about the work of vulcanologist Professor Anita Grunder.

Our interviewees

Hazel-GibsonHazel Gibson is a PhD research student at Plymouth University who works on geoscience cognition and communication; the study of what people think about geology and how they talk about it. With a background in engineering geology and public engagement, Hazel has worked all over the world sharing her curiosity for geological subjects wherever she goes. She blogs at My Patchwork Planet and for GeoLog and is also on Twitter, @iamhazelgibson.

You can read Hazel’s paper, A “mental models” approach to the communication of subsurface hydrology and hazards, on the Hydrology and Earth System Sciences open-access journal website. And you can watch her talk from Ada Lovelace Day 2013 at the bottom of this post, on YouTube or Figshare.

Dr Erik KlemettiDr Erik Klemetti is a volcanologist and petrologist at Denison University, in Granville, Ohio. He uses radiometric dating and chemical analysis of zircon crystals to find out how magma composition changes over time. Looking at the processes that create volcanic and other rocks tells us about the dynamic events that have created the Earth and will change the planet far into the future. Erik has been fascinated by geology since he was young, either with the vast mineral collection that his grandmother in Massachusetts had collected or with the vistas of Nevado del Ruiz from his grandparents home in Colombia. He also write a blog about volcanos, Eruptions, for Wired. You can follow Erik on Twitter @eruptionsblog.

And you can find out more about Professor Anita Grunder via her Oregon State University page, and read the Association of Women Geoscientists’ Outstanding Educator 2009 profile of her in their newsletter, Gaea.

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Episode edited by Andrew Marks.

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