Conway Hall confirmed as venue for ALD Live! 2015

I’m pleased to say that the venue for this year’s Ada Lovelace Day Live! event has now been confirmed! We will be holding our annual science cabaret at Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London on the evening of 13 October.

Conway Hall is owned by Conway Hall Ethical Society and was first opened in 1929. The name was chosen in honour of Moncure Daniel Conway (1832 – 1907), anti-slavery advocate, out-spoken supporter of free thought and biographer of Thomas Paine.

The Hall now hosts a wide variety of lectures, classes, performances, community and social events. It is renowned as a hub for free speech and independent thought.

Conway Hall has a fantastic track record of hosting not just free speech, humanist and political events, but also tech events and, as such, their remit fits in very well with the work we’re doing here at Ada Lovelace Day.

“We are incredibly proud to be in a position to be one of the many splendid sponsors of this year’s Ada Lovelace Day,” said Dr. Jim Walsh, Chief Executive Officer of Conway Hall. “As a charity with a long pedigree of rational thought and supporting intellectual human endeavour, Conway Hall Ethical Society naturally aligns to many of the same principles of Ada Lovelace Day. However, as the day itself will no doubt make clear, there is much work to be done to make the future just as interesting!”

Conway Hall has a capacity of 400, and has recently been refurbished, so we are really looking forward to seeing you at this historic venue!

Talks and Debates 1


Foyer 3

It’s still very early in the year for us, so we’ve a lot to organise and will be back in due course with more details of speakers and tickets.

We also still have some sponsorship packages for the event available, so if you’d like to support women in STEM by sponsoring one of the most exciting, enjoyable and educational events in the STEM calendar, please take a look at our prospectus and get in touch!

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