Wikimedia seeks organisation to host editathon intern

Wikimedia UK is a charity that supports Wikipedia and other open knowledge projects in the UK. It has been running ‘Women in Science’ editathons for the last two years, during which 15-30 people gather for an afternoon to learn how to contribute to Wikipedia. They then create or improve articles about women in science, and other relevant pages. In 2013 their editathons received extremely positive responses from the attendees and in general.

In 2014, Wikimedia UK is seeking support for further Women in Science events in partnership with another organisation that is committed to the issue of the gender gap in science. They are thus planning to create an internship, starting in September and lasting several months, to help organise these events and are looking for an organisation keen to host the intern. The aim of the project would be to run events both in association to the host institution, but also any other organisations that the host is linked to. The events could be linked to the Ada Lovelace day, but can be spread across October and beyond, and they would like to organise a minimum of five events.

Wikimedia UK would provide funding for the internship and as well as past expertise in running Women in Science Wikipedia events. If you are interested please email Daria Cybulska by 17 July.

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