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Ada Lovelace Day is winding down a bit now. We will leave the mash-up open for the next few days to pick up any final stragglers and then I’ll do an analysis of the data and we’ll publish our final top 20.

Meantime, there are a lot of people who pitched in to make Ada Lovelace Day 2010 the success that it was:

Thanks to Stephanie Troeth and Stephanie Booth again for their continual support, help and inspiration. Without you, ALD would still just be an idea.

Thanks to everyone at TechnoPhobia who helped revamp the site, particularly Danny Hawkins and Saul Cozens who worked tirelessly to keep everything up and running yesterday as well as working really hard in the run-up to ALD10. Thanks too to Tony Kennick for his invaluable contribution, and to Gill Birchmore, Diane Bedford, Martin Waite and everyone else at TechnoPhobia.

Thanks to Paul and Will at UKHost4U who pulled out all the stops to keep the site live and to get us back up and running when the volume of traffic threatened to overwhelm us.

Thanks to Lloyd Davis and Brian Condon at the Centre for Creative Collaboration for supporting our event last night.

Thanks to Maggie Berry from Women in Technology for her support, advice and help, and to Grace Ross for helping out at the event. Thanks to Maggie Philbin for her support and for being our opening speaker.

Thanks to Sydney Padua and Lorin O’Brien for their help with the T-shirt design. It looks fab, guys! Even @wossy says so.

My list of thanks wouldn’t be complete without one person. They say that behind every great woman stands a great man, and the support that my husband, Kevin, has given me over the last few months has been amazing. Thank you, Kevin, for always being there when I needed you.

Finally, thanks to everyone else who helped out in some way, who organised events, helped promote the day, provided feedback and supported the cause in some way. And thank you to everyone who took part – it would have been rather dull without you!

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