Two weeks to go until Ada Lovelace Day

Ada Lovelace Day itself is fast approaching – we’re just two weeks away now.

Please remember that you can talk about your tech heroine in any medium you choose: blog, video, podcast, newspaper column… the choice is up to you. Your contribution can be as long or as short as you wish, in any language, and can be published any time on 24th of March, regardless of time zone.

On the day, please use this to tag on your post, video, podcast etc.:

  • ALD09post

And if you’d like to link to us, we’re on the web here:

We’ve some exciting last-minute news brewing, so please do keep an eye out for our next announcement!

In the meantime, why not pop along to the Guardian Tech Weekly podcast to hear Aleks Krotoski, Emily Bell, Jemima Kiss and I talk about women in tech.

Finally, we currently have 1386 people signed up to the pledge. Can we hit 2000 before the 24th? Please do continue to spread the word and see if we can’t find another 614 people over the next two weeks.

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