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Welcome to the beta version of the Ada Lovelace Day Resources Database!

We are regularly adding more information to the database, so if there’s a resource you think should be included, please email us and we will add it. We are also actively seeking funding to expand the capabilities of the database — if you are interested in supporting our work, please get in touch.

We have information in five categories:

  • Organisation: Groups supporting women in STEM.
  • Funding: Grants, scholarships, fellowships and other funding opportunities.
  • Publication: Academic studies and research
  • Media: Media coverage of equality and related issues
  • Educational resources: Websites, videos and other resources for teachers and parents to help teach STEM and equality

To search the database, enter your search term and pick a category, or all categories, and click “Go”. Search is currently very basic, so you can only use single words and simple phrases that would be found in a single field, eg:

  • “USA” in “All” will find all records that mention “USA”.
  • “Amateur Astronomers” will find “Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh”.
  • “USA Astronomers” will not find anything because “USA” and “Astronomers” are in separate fields in the database. We will fix this in a future version!

To browse all records in a single category, leave the Search field blank, select from the Category list, then click “Go”.

If you find any errors or have any problems, please let us know.


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