Ada Lovelace Day Online 2020

Ada Lovelace Day on social media

Ada Lovelace Day, Tuesday 13 October, is going back to its roots with a day of blogging, Twittering and Facebooking, just like we did in 2009.

#ALD20 will celebrate women, advocates and educators in STEM. We’ll be profiling women working in STEM around the world and those women who work so hard campaigning for gender equality in industry, academia and the community. 

We want you to join in by highlighting our hidden advocates, the teachers, lecturers and professors, the researchers and technicians, the women you work with, who go above and beyond to encourage and support girls and women in STEM. Who are the unsung heroines whose work is changing the future face of STEM? 

You can write a blog post, record a podcast, or take part on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or any other social media platform – the choice is yours. And just like back in 2009, we’ll create a database so that you can give us your links for posterity. 

Ada Lovelace Day webinars

We’re running five webinars on Ada Lovelace Day and we hope you’ll join us to hear from some amazing women in STEM. Tickets are free, so sign up via Eventbrite to stay up-to-date with our speakers, get reminders and the link to view the events.

Sustainable Energy & Water

How do we develop sustainability in energy and water policy? What are our biggest challenges and successes so far? Join us for a lively discussion about the state of sustainable energy and water with Kaapua Smith, Head of Sustainability for Contact Energy; Andy Blair, the President of the International Geothermal Association and a founder member of Women In Geothermal (WING); and more speakers to be confirmed.

Sign up:
Time: Tues 13 Oct, 13:00 New Zealand, 01:00 United Kingdom; Mon 12 Oct, 20:00 US East Coast, 17:00 US West Coast.

Medicine’s Biggest Questions

What are the most important medical questions facing humanity today, and how close are we to answering them? We’ll be talking to Prof Ijeoma Uchegbu, UCL School of Pharmacy, Dr Mariam Jamal-Hanjani, Clinical Research Fellow at UCL Cancer Institute, and Dr Freya Harrison, Associate Professor at the University of Warwick, to talk about the biggest medical questions, and how scientists are attempting to answer them.

Sign up:
Time: Tues 13 Oct, 22:00 New Zealand, 10:00 United Kingdom, 05:00 US East Coast, 02:00 US West Coast.

Ada Lovelace Day with Lori Beer

Celebrate Ada Lovelace Day with Lori Beer (above), Global Chief Information Officer for JP Morgan Chase & Co., who will be in conversation with ALD’s Founder, Suw Charman-Anderson.

Lori will be talking about her career in technology, including how she got into tech, and what advice she’d have for her younger self. She’ll also be talking about why she chose to create a scholarship to support women in STEM and why young women should study technology.

Sign up:
Time: Weds 14 Oct, 03:00 New Zealand; Tues 13 Oct, 15:00 United Kingdom, 10:00 US East Coast, 07:00 US West Coast.

The Near Future

What does the near future holds for us? What will the impact of technologies like AI and robotics be? Join Dr Beth Singler, Junior Research Fellow in Artificial Intelligence at Homerton College, University of Cambridge, and more speakers to be confirmed for a fascinating discussion.

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Time: Weds 14 Oct, 05:00 New Zealand; Tues 13 Oct, 17:00 United Kingdom, 12:00 US East Coast, 09:00 US West Coast.

Space, the Next Frontier

How do we responsibly and sustainability explore space? We’ll be talking about preserving the Moon and more, with Michelle Hanlon, Co-Founder and President of For All Moonkind, Inc., with additional speakers to be confirmed.

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Time: Weds 14 Oct, 08:00 New Zealand; Tues 13 Oct, 20:00 United Kingdom, 15:00 US East Coast, 12:00 US West Coast

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Our 50 hour content extravaganza

#ALD20 will be, as always, a global event. We’ll begin our celebration at midnight in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, on Kiritimati Island, when Ada Lovelace Day begins. Also known as Christmas Island, the coral atoll is situated in the Line Islands and is a part of the Republic of Kiribati

We’ll carry on posting content to our blog, Twitter and Facebook until midnight roles around 50 hours later on Baker Island and Howland Island, two uninhabited atolls which are actually further west than Kiritimati Island but which sit on the other side of the International Date Line. 

We hope you’ll join us on Tuesday 13 October to celebrate the advocates and campaigners for women in STEM who are working so hard to make STEM better for everyone.