Spread the word

The most important thing you can do to get involved in Ada Lovelace Day is to help us spread the word. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Send a Tweet, update your Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn status
Suggested texts for a Tweet or status update:

Blog about a woman in science, tech, eng or maths whom you admire on Ada Lovelace Day, 14 Oct http://findingada.com @findingada #ALD14

Celebrate women in science & tech with Ada Lovelace Day Live! London, 14 Oct, http://bit.ly/1sJlCx8 @FindingAda #ALD14 pls RT

Join Ada Lovelace Day for Schools for science & tech demos & talks for 11-16yos! London, 14 Oct, http://bit.ly/1s51jya @findingada #ALD14

Of course, you can write whatever you like, just remember to include either this website URL, http://findingada.com or our event URLs, http://rigb.org/whats-on/events-2014/october/public-ada-lovelace-day–live and https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/schools-event-ada-lovelace-day-tickets-11781563975. The hashtag for this year is #ALD14.

Write about Ada Lovelace Day
You can find out more about Ada Lovelace here on our about page as well as on Wikipedia. If you want to know about how Ada Lovelace Day started, you might find my first blog post about it useful and perhaps also the original pledge.

Wikipedia has two photos of Ada that you can use. Both are public domain in the USA (click for Wikipedia’s full-size images and further information about their copyright status in different countries).

Email your friends and/or relevant mailing lists
If you have friends that you think might enjoy getting involved in Ada Lovelace Day, why not just send them a quick email and ask them to join us? Equally, if you’re on any science, technology, engineering, maths, or women-in-STEM mailing lists, and you feel that it would be appropriate, please do send them an email pointing them to this site and asking them to sign up.

Post an item on LinkedIn or Facebook Groups
If you’re in any tech, science or women-in-tech-or-science LinkedIn or Facebook Groups, why not post a small item about Ada Lovelace Day and point people here so they can find out more?