Ada Lovelace Day founder Suw Charman-Anderson is now offering in-person or online training and consulting packages for businesses in the UK who are keen to tackle structural and systemic barriers that prevent women from flourishing and advancing into leadership roles.

If you would like to book a free, no-obligation 45 minute call to discuss your needs and find out more about our services, please email Suw Charman-Anderson.

Gender equity consulting

Many businesses already understand the value of women’s talent and are committed to supporting their female staff and developing female leaders. But it’s not always clear what initiatives will bring results, or even if existing projects are having the desired effect.

I will work with you to identify your key equity goals and to develop a strategy to meet them. That work might include developing a new mentoring program or improving an existing program to expand uptake, improve engagement or develop robust KPIs to capture outcomes. I can evaluate and refine your existing ‘women in’ programs, particularly if you have a proliferation of programs that don’t seem to be producing results. And I can help you to improve your hiring, promotion and retention policies, paying particular attention to developing processes that check for and mitigate systemic bias.

Mentorship consulting

If your business is interested in starting a mentoring scheme, whether that’s for a specific group or a general program, then I can help you plan your mentoring program, from deciding on the right technology to developing participant recruitment strategies and materials, refining your mentor/mentee matching criteria and assessing appropriate metrics and KPIs, particularly for post-program tracking. I can also help you develop strategies for using mentoring to develop leadership talent and to support your EDI program. I bring an evidence-based approach to mentoring, drawing from both industry experience and academic studies to inform our advice.

“Since 2018, Suw has been a project partner on the International Collaboration On Mycorrhizal Ecological Traits, i-COMET, which is funded by UKRI-NERC. She provided advice and expertise on communications, social media, and mentoring. Suw was a member of the project leadership team and worked closely with us to design our mentoring program and a study to evaluate the impact of mentoring on the early career researchers who took part. Suw delivered the mentoring through the Finding Ada Network, and provided training, advice and support to both mentors and mentees. This year-long programme provided significant benefits for all the participants, as well as creating a new professional network that continues to advance their careers long after the mentoring concluded.”

Professor Thorunn Helgason, Deputy Head of Department, Department of Biology, University of York

Mentor/mentee training

These hour-long training webinars provide mentors and mentees with the essential skills and understanding that they need to get the best out of their mentoring program. Mentors will learn about setting boundaries, helping their mentee set goals, developing listening skills, self reflection and problem solving. Mentees will learn what ie means to be a respectful mentee as well as how to set SMART goals, the importance of habits and preparation, improving listening skills, and developing problematisation skills.

“This was the second time we worked with Suw to advise and shape our mentoring programme. We were so impressed following our first experience, we brought her back to offer formal training with participants. We were grateful for her willingness to flex and adjust her training programme for our mentors to meet the unique structure of our programme. Feedback from participants (all highly accomplished in their industry) was unanimously positive, scoring an avg. of 4.5/5.”

Barry Sullivan, Deputy Director of Supporter Relations and Head of Alumni & Supporter Relations, Cardiff University

Corporate Social Responsibility consulting

Is your CSR program accidentally hurting the causes you care about? With 15 years of experience working with and running non-profits and social enterprises, I can help you develop a CSR strategy and processes that ensures you’re only doing good. Grassroots campaigns do some of the best work, positioned as they are at the coalface of social issues, but small organisations are also uniquely vulnerable. Make sure your CSR program understands and takes into account the needs of grassroots groups and their wider communities by streamlining your CSR processes and reducing admin workloads for both your business and your CSR partners.

About Suw Charman-Anderson

Suw Charman-AndersonSuw Charman-Anderson has unique experience in the non-profit/social enterprise space, having co-founded the Open Rights Group non-profit in 2005 and the social enterprise Ada Lovelace Day in 2009. She also has extensive experience working as a consultant with both global multinationals and SMEs, and is adept at developing highly executable, practical strategies. Having run Ada Lovelace Day, which supports women in STEM, for nearly 14 years, she has an excellent understanding of the gender equality landscape and can bring a rare perspective to her consulting and training work, whether she is working with industry or academia. In 2020, she launched the Finding Ada Network providing online mentoring to women in STEM and has run mentoring programs for JP Morgan, The University of York and The Information Lab, as well as running public programs for women in STEM. She has also collaborated with the University of York on designing and delivering a study into the effect of mentoring on early career researchers in ecology, which is currently being written up.