Women are the powerhouse of the economy.

Companies with more women in senior roles are measurably more profitable and more innovative than male-dominated businesses. Women-led businesses outperform, by up to three times, those companies led by men. They are more productive, make better decisions, and have more engaged, happier employees who stay in their jobs for longer.

Women are not just the powerhouse of the STEM economy, they create healthier, fairer and more successful companies.

Leaving in droves

Despite their superior performance, women are leaving STEM in droves. Over half of women in science, engineering and technology careers will leave their industry in mid-career, despite loving their jobs. Why? Because they can’t see a future.

Companies that don’t hire and promote sufficient female talent are not just leaving money on the table, they’re spending unnecessarily: Replacing a single employee costs £30,000, mostly money lost on getting the new recruit up to speed.

The female advantage

Companies that take equality seriously, that nurture and promote female talent, will be most successful in the 2020s and beyond. They will have a gender-balanced workforce, better gender pay gap data, higher profits, better products, and lower staff churn and lower recruitment costs. They will also have a happier workforce that is more productive and innovative. And in a world where publicly traded companies last only ten years on average, you need every bit of advantage you can get.

The Finding Ada Network

Decades of evidence shows that mentoring is effective at increasing staff promotion and retention rates, as well as increasing job satisfaction and productivity.

The Finding Ada Network, a new mentoring and knowledge sharing network for women in STEM, provides a best-in-class mentoring platform and supports women with exclusive content and private member’s forum. Members benefit from a structured mentoring plan, with regular check-ins to keep them on track. They will also enjoy a mobile app, profiles, automatic matching, meeting scheduling, goal setting, task lists and more.

Exclusive content covering careers advice, personal growth, and professional development ensures that women have access to the information they need to improve their leadership and soft skills.

Why run a mentoring scheme

Improve staff retention

Mentoring has been shown to increase staff retention by 25%, reducing turnover and the cost of recruiting and on-boarding replacement staff.

Reduce the gender pay gap

Mentoring increases promotion rates by 5x for mentees and 6x for mentors, and increasing the number of women at senior levels helps decrease the gender pay gap.

Improve job performance

Mentoring improves job performance in 58% of participants, and access to useful, relevant and actionable information increases efficiency and reduces frustration.

Benefits of mentoring

We have decades of evidence that mentorship is beneficial to both mentors and mentees, as well as their employers. Mentees improve their soft skills, confidence and communications skills, and develop better ways to process feedback and solve problems. Mentors develop their leadership skills, develop new professional relationships, and experience improved peer recognition and increased job satisfaction. Both mentors and mentees are more likely to be promoted and to stay in their jobs.

Join us today

The Finding Ada Network makes high quality mentorship available to businesses of any size. Whether you want to start a new mentoring program or move an existing program to FAN to benefit from our world class platform and exclusive content, we can help you. We have a choice of three programs:

• Four week intensive program: £995 for 20 participants.
• Six month program: £30 per user per month.
• One year program: £20 per user per month.

We are creating a broad network of mentors, in the UK and beyond, so that every member can find the best possible mentorship match for them. We will give women the skills to excel in their roles as mentor or mentee, and provide them with the support that’s essential for them to grow their careers, meet career challenges, and to flourish in STEM.

Mentorship works. Make it work for you.

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The Finding Ada Network is currently only open to businesses located in the United Kingdom and New Zealand. If your business is located in a different country, please email Suw Charman-Anderson to find out if we can expand to your country.