Event guidelines

Whilst Ada Lovelace Day is held on the second Tuesday of October every year, independent events are held throughout the month, so you can pick a date that works best for you and your community. If you’re in a major city such as London, Manchester, Turin or New York, be aware that there are likely to be multiple events, so you may wish to consider holding your event on an adjacent day or weekend.

You do not need to seek permission from us to hold your event, but we do ask that you let us know what you are doing via our online form.

Event guidelines

We don’t enforce any rules for independent events, but there are a few guidelines that we’d like you to consider adopting.

Be inclusive

Ada Lovelace Day is about all women, no matter their age, ethnicity, or any other characteristic. When you are inviting speakers, ensure that you reach outside of the list of ‘usual suspects’, and invite a group that is diverse.

Be open

The spirit of Ada Lovelace Day is to be open, friendly, warm, respectful, playful and curious.

Be transparent

Please provide contact details in your promotional materials, and make it clear that your Ada Lovelace Day event is organised independently of the main event.

Be generous

If you take photos or video of your event — and we strongly recommend that you do! — please release them under a Creative Commons licence, with a name for attribution, so that others can share them and be inspired by them.

Be in touch

Please do let us know both what you’re planning, and how it all went afterwards. If you have photos, video, a review or write-up of your event, please share that with us so that we can tell our community all about it!